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Mon 14/08/00

Harrison Family
My Grandfather, William Harrison was born around 1858-60 at Sturton-Le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire and was the eldest of eleven children. His father was George Harrison and mother Rachel (Watkin). He came to Canada in 1880 and bought a farm in Oak Lake Manitoba in 1882. He married Lily Melvina Williams in 1892. My father, Lyman Eric Linwood Harrison was his
youngest child. My parents visited Sturton-Le Steeple in 1976 and found cousins still living there and many Harrisons buried at the Anglican church there.I am interested in any news about the family.

Gloria McBain (Harrison)
Calgary, Alberta

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Sun 13/08/00

Peck / Jones
My mother is trying to find out what happened to her mother whom she never knew and the one thing she remembers is an artical in your paper around about 1933 to 1936. It was front page news and it was about a Evelyn Dora Peck or Dora Evelyn peck claiming that her 2 children Joyce and Roy were not Mr Joe Jones's children. Joe Jones was Evelyn's husband. We think it might have been a custody battle. This woman Evelyn Peck is my mothers mother. Could you please help me find this artical.....

Ms Lesley McDowell
Salisbury Downs, South Australia

Fri 1/9/00

re. Peck / Jones
Archive copies of the Nottingham Evening Post are available at Local Studies Library, Angel Row, Nottingham, England NG1 6HP. The e-mail address is notlib@notlib.demon.co.uk

Lesley Parker
Worksop, Nottinghamshire

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Sat 02/09/00

Would like to find resources and others researching the surname WIDDOWSON in Nottingham, Nottingham (Bingham?).

I am hoping to learn more about my WIDDOWSON family which came to US abt 1841 from St. Peter's Parish, Nottingham.  I found them in the 1841 census (see below) just before they left for the US. 

1841 census, Nottingham County, Borough of Nottingham, St. Peter's Parish, England; Castle District, rgistrar's district 3-4
Navigation Row
William Widdowson  30  lace maker; Sarah  30; Sophia  12; Samuel  10; Matilda  8  (*** my gr-gr-grandmother); Emma 6; Henry  8 months

Ward Bray
Williamsville,  NY  USA

see also earlier enquiry

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Wed 25/10/00

I'm trying to trace any information on Maud Headland from Nottingham. She was possibly born around 1895-1905 and gave birth to a daughter named Dorothy in 1917. Dorothy was adopted by a midwife by the name of cassidy.

Hannah Fox 
Burton on Trent, England

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Sat 18/11/00

I am looking for information re: John Denman of Retford, 1430-1517

Allegedly the father of another John Denman 1591-1624 who married Judith Stoughton of Great Coggleshall 1600-1639.

Gap in dates indicate gaps in research.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Linda Scott
Phoenix, Arizona  USA

Sat 10/03/01

re. Denman
Go to www.familysearch.com and then go to the search ancestors option.  Type in the name John Denman, nothing more and approx. 150 entries will be displayed.  More detail is then available by clicking on the individuals name.

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Mon 11/12/00

My grandfather John ALbert (Jack) LEFLEY and his brothers grew up and lived in and around Shirebrook, Staveley, Brimington & Whitington. I know their father(charles LEFLEY) married in Staveley in 1910 and died there in 1955.

Problem: How did Charles get to that area? I can find no record of him in 1881. His father's name was David LEF(T)LEY. Was he in that area? Does anyone know of the LEF(T)LEY name? 

Charles LEFLEY's wife was Kathleen Dexter of Wilford Grove, Notts.  David LEF(T)LEY's wife was Catherine. She died in 1905.

Bren Jordan
Leicester, England

Fri 09/03/01

In 1881 there were 106 people with the surname Lefley recorded in the 1881 census in England.  60 of these were in the East Anglia region, including Lincolnshire.  The others were located in London, Essex, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

There were 70 people with the surname Leftley in the East Anglia region recorded in the 1881 census.

There were 10 Charles Lefley's recorded, with birth dates ranging from 1809-80.

There were 5 David Lefley's, with births between 1818-70.

1 David Leftley is recorded, born in 1848, aged 33, a general labourer, who was living at Middle Road, Starston, Norfolk, with his wife Elizabeth , aged 33.  They had 4 children in 1881, George 10, born Mendham Suffolk; Charles 5, born Starston, Flora M. and Alonzo 1, both born at Starston.

George Sycamore

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Tues 12/12/2000

Grandmother Nelly Summers born 9 July1877 in Kneesall district; grandfather Frank Wright from sutton-on-trent area; great grandfather Thomas Summers made wicker baskets;  great grandfather James(?) Wright a farmer.

Frank and Nelly came to North Battleford, SK, Canada about 1912(?).  One son John  would like to find relatives in England.

Christopher John Wright
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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Thursday 4/1/2001

I discovered recently that my grandfather, LEN SHILLING, came from Nottingham - possibly Mansfield - and in that case I have another family called Shilling, who I would be interested to trace. If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.

Adrian Watkins
Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Sun 11/03/01

re. Shilling
If Adrian goes to the following web-site
www.bt.com/phonenetuk he will be able to type in the name Shilling and the location Nottingham, then click search and it will give him a number of Shilling's living in the Nottinghamshire area who are listed in the BT phone book, or BT's Directory Enquiries.  He can try this for all areas of the country if he wishes.

George Sycamore

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