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Sat 29/01/00

Kirkby Family
I am doing research on the Kirkby's that have lived in Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire, England.  One of my great-relatives came to the United States in 1854, and I have traced the family back to 1764.  I don't know if I should give you the details of my search, but I would be interested in going farther back than I have so far.

Charles Kirkby

Sat 09/09/00

Here is a web site with my family tree. My Great x3 grandfather came to The US and settled in Utica NY in the 1850's His name was George Kirkby He supposidly came from "Near Sheffield England" Also mention of "skilled in Royal Cutlery" Link to Website

Jeff Kirkby
Lakewood, Ohio, USA

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Sat 12/02/00

Widdowson Family
My ancestor, Joseph Widdowson, was born in Nottinghamshire on Oct. 28, 1794 and his son, Thomas, begat Frank who begat Lloyd who begat Frederick Sr. who begat me so enough with the begats. I am trying to find out any information on Joseph's father and so on backwards. Does anyone have any information on the Widdowsons in Nottinghamshire from the 18th century on back. I would certainly appreciate any help you could afford me. I am trying to trace my family.

Fred Widdowson
Hanover, Pennsylvania USA

see also later enquiry

Wed 15/03/00

Re Widdowson.
William Allison married Frances Widdowson Aug 1st 1860 in Coldwell Bishop.
William Carter married Ellen Widdowson on July 9th 1860 in Cropwell Bishop.

David Allison
Toronto, Canada

Fri 21/07/00

Re Widdowson.
A few years ago there was a lady belonging to Mansfield and District Family History Society withy the name of Widdowson who was researching that name.  Perhaps if you contacted them they could put you in touch or they could have someone look through their surname index to see if there are any others of like minds.

Sylvia Mendham
Nottinghamshire, England

Mon 23/10/00

Re Widdowson.
he Foss Family of Ruddington, Notts, can put you in
touch with the Widdowson descendants, Les and a
brother, resident still in the Cropwell BIshop area.
Elizabeth Widdowson, mother of Les, was my mother-in-law's older sister.  For further info contact me

Elizabeth Foss
Glenbrook, NSW Australia

Sat 23/06/01

Joseph Albert Widdowson was born Oct. 28, 1794 in Derby, Nottinghamshire, England.  Some research suggests that his parents were Benjamin & Ann/Annette Widdowson; others think they may have been Bernard (b. 1736 in Chesterfield, Derby, England)& Sarah Annette Widdowson; or Joseph & Sarah Annette Widdowson, or possibly Joseph & Ann (Conner) Widdowson.  We have not yet seen proof of any of these.

Jean Widdowson
Gibbon, NE  USA

Sat 12/02/00

Relatives of June Booth
Looking for many descendants of my immigrant relatives who remained in Nottingham

June Boothe
Ogden, Utah  USA

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Sat 12/02/00

Family of Monica J. Brown. 
This is sent in the hope of finding out if my family originated from Nottingham England. My maiden name is Gulledge, and that is the family name that I am inquiring about. 

Monica J. Brown
Milton, Florida United States

Fri 09/03/01

Family of Monica J. Brown. 
The 1881 census shows that there were only 2 people with the name Gulledge living in England/Scotland/Wales in 1881, they were:

Thomas Gulledge aged 64 a labourer who was born at Hardington, Somerset; Mary Gulledge his wife aged 70 who was also born at Hardington, Somerset. In 1881 they were living at West Coker, Somerset.

There are 51 other people listed on the 1881 census with the name Gullidge, not Gulledge, the majority of whom were born or lived in Somerset, with a few exceptions and they appear to be from Devon.  No entries for anyone living further north.

Obviously if she is searching for a relative from Nottingham after 1881 this may be possible if the family re-located.

George Sycamore

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Sun 13/02/00

Hodson Family
I am researching the Hodson family and in particular my ancestor Reverend Thomas Hodson, a Wesleyan Missionary who died 9 September 1882 in Mansfield. Can you please help me find where he is buried. 
Many thanks Faye.

Faye Chudleigh
Christchurch, NZ

Fri 09/03/01

re. Hodson Family
Thomas Hodson lived at 57 Avenue Villas, Nottingham Road, Mansfield, Nottingham. The 1881 census states that he was 77 and was born at North Scarle, on the Nottinghamshire - Lincolnshire border.  He was living at this address with his wife Sophia aged 45 who was born in Newark, his daughter Margaret aged 10 born in Bangalore India, and they had a general domestic servant Eliza Fox who was 22 and was born in Elston, Nottinghamshire.

For burial records in Mansfield e-mail Mansfield District Council for the attention of the Council's Cemeteries Officer.  If you have already tried locating the burial site in Mansfield without success, he may have been buried with his parents and that may have been at North Scarle where he was born.

George Sycamore

Wed 15/03/00

Allison Family
I would be interested in having any information on  the Allison families of North Nottinghamshire.  I have extensive 19th century information that I can share.
Related names are Mellors, Holoran and Wheelhouse, and Billyard mostly in the Retford area and surrounding villages.

David Allison
Toronto, Canada

Wed 13/12/2000

re. Allison Family
I am a Wheelhouse my family origins are the Nottingham area. I am interested in researching my family tree. If you have questions you can contact me.

Richard Wheelhouse
Sutton Bonington, Leicestershire, England

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Mon 27/03/00

Whitaker Family
I am researching the family history of Whitaker (note the one "t") and would like to hear from anyone with the same name who may originate from North Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire (especially Halifax or Sheffield area).

I would also like to know the history of Joseph Whitaker; there is a comprehensive school named after him in Rainworth near Mansfield.

Carol Stenhouse (née Whitaker)
Sheffield, England

Sat 27/01/01

re. Whitaker Family
Try finding the Published Work of Craven  England by the Rev Whittaker concerning the Whitakers of Simonston  <Allerton, Lancashire/ Yorkshire , there is a Pedegree Chart that should answer most of your questions.
Sincerely Gavin

Fri 2/2/01

re. Whitaker Family
I am a Whitaker living in Sheffield, South Yorkshre although I have family in a few place they were ALL born here and surrounding areas. I would be excited to talk to you further you can mail me at david.whitaker@epplc.com
Speak soon.  Kind Regards
David Whitaker

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Tue 25/04/00

HAYNES Ernest John or John Ernest
I am searching for information on my maternal grandfather HAYNES Ernest John or John Ernest COLE Hilary Venus Born: Nottinghamshire England 1925 Military
service: English Merchant Marines or Australian Navy 1946 - MARRIED: Hilary Venus in Sydney Australia March 1946 Had daughter Sandra-Gai 7-12-1946 who was raised by Hilary's mother Ivy Josephine Wagner/Cole. ANY information on these people no matter how trivial it may seem would be
greatly appreciated.

Realene Kiny

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Fri 21/07/00

Anyone out there interested in the above name in Nottinghamshire, particularly Treswell, near Retford, Edwinstowe, Walesby or Wellow I am also interested in this area of research.  I have done an awful lot myself (filed in the attic at present as I am not so mobile now and find it hard to do the ground work) but am back to the earliest registers in Treswell which is 1555 if I remember correctly.  Richard Hoggard who was on that entry having
children was the brother of the then vicar so at a guess that takes us back 20 - 30 years further.

My husband's grandmother was a Hoggard and their family in Edwinstowe dates from 1750c with a William Hoggard from Treswell who married Martha Breeden
from Budby who was born in Norton Cuckney.

There is a good contact in the US who is a fifth cousin once removed from my husband who is a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints and as a result has done a great amount of research.  His ancestor was decended from William and Mary already outlined who went out as morman converts in 1846 and settled in Utah - where the descendants still live to this day.

Sylvia Mendham
Nottinghamshire, England

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